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Skyline's New Arrivals

Skyline is happy to announce several new arrivals!

We are excited to introduce the sixth generation of the Skyline Guest Ranch legacy. Callahan James joined our family on March 6. Kameesha and Alex are loving their new roles as mom and dad and Luke and Lara are already amazing grandparents! We can't wait to take him on his first horseback ride and teach him to fly fish in Yellowstone. Callahan will spend his first summer in Cooke City, which means there will be four generations of our family 'working' at the ranch this season!

Baby Callahan is not the only new addition to our crew this summer. We have new foals running around and are anxiously awaiting several more, this is always one of the best things about spring. Raising and training our own horses for use at Skyline is a unique aspect of our outfitting business that we take a great deal of pride in. We have so much trust and love for our herd because of this!

Canyon and Leonna will be joining us as new trail ride guides this season. Leonna is finishing up her freshman year at Montana State University, majoring in Rangeland Ecology with a minor in Animal Sciences. She is on the universities polo team, loves art, and has a happy personality! We are excited she is joining the crew as a trail ride guide this summer. Canyon, after spending the last three years in Hawaii, is joining our crew in the mountains of Montana for the summer season. His passions include working with horses, surfing, and reading. He loves meeting and talking with new people and is personable and friendly to everyone!

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