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Meet the Crew (2024)

Introducing the vibrant and dedicated crew of Skyline Guest Ranch for the summer 2024 season! Skyline is blessed with an amazing young staff that works with such passion and excitement. We love having employees that know how to work hard while also bringing joy and fun to the ranch. Get to know the faces behind the smiles and discover the warmth and expertise that make every stay with us truly exceptional!


Luke & Lara Morris

Skyline Guest Ranch Owners/Outfitter

In the fall of 2019, Luke and Lara Morris proudly assumed ownership of Skyline Guest Ranch, marking the fourth generation to steward this remarkable legacy. Lara's childhood memories are woven into the fabric of the ranch, making her connection deeply rooted. Lara's unwavering commitment, genuine kindness, and boundless generosity define the heart of the ranch. Without Lara's touch, Skyline Guest Ranch simply wouldn't be the same—a testament to her vision and hard work. 

Luke discovered his passion for the business in 1997 through his relationship with Lara. He quickly fell in love with the ranch, having big dreams of raising his family in the mountains of Montana, all while allowing others to experience the pure majesty right in our backyard. His dedication shines through as he enthusiastically shares the majesty of Montana with individuals and families. ​

Together, Luke and Lara, along with their children, invite you to experience the unique charm and warmth that sets Skyline Guest Ranch apart. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Montana.


Alex & Kameesha Kiefer

Directors of Marketing & Office Managers Alex and Kameesha have so much passion for Skyline and love contributing to the growth and success of the family business! Together, they manage internal operations, bookings, social media, marketing, and more.

Alexander, upon marrying into the family, quickly adapted to ranch life. He is willing to tackle any task, from paperwork and cleaning to baking cookies and even leading the occasional trail ride. Alex is our 'chief bottle washer' and a tremendous asset to Skyline Guest Ranch. Everyone knows Alex makes the best chocolate chip cookies.

Kameesha has a diverse range of passions, from photography and graphic design to fly-fishing and camping. Skyline provides the perfect platform for her to showcase all her interests and talents.

In the winter months, their focus shifts to running their own all-natural skincare company, Cowboy Apothecary. They both love being parents to their sweet little boy, Callahan, and their golden retriever, Ace!


Kaleb Morris


Kaleb spends his winters going to college at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Within just a few days of being on the island, Kaleb realized his passion for surfing. It quickly became his go-to activity while on breaks from studies (maybe even in place of class and homework at times)! His list of hobbies rapidly expanded to include a myriad of adrenaline-fueled pursuits, from spearfishing to rock climbing, each one adding depth and richness to his already adventurous spirit.  Kaleb returns to Montana each summer to guide fly-fishing trips and camps into the backcountry of Yellowstone. Raised in Montana's rugged wilderness, now riding Hawaii's endless waves, Kaleb is fully embracing the duality of mountain and ocean! Click Here to learn more about Kaleb's life in two paradises.


Lukus Morris


Lukus has a heart of gold and is kind to everyone and everything he meets. He works hard and is a constant joy to be around- making early morning and long days that much easier. He is always making the most of situations. Last summer, after sustaining an injury during basketball, Lukus was unable to ride horses the majority of the summer. Despite this disappointment, he made the best of the situation and filled in where needed around the ranch. Lukus cooked, baked, cleaned, and babysat and we appreciated it all!

Lukus will be graduating high school this spring and plans to attend Utah Tech University this fall to pursue a degree in Elementary Education.


Colter Morris


Colter is a phenomenal horseman; his passion and skill for horse training and guiding are unsurpassable. He, though only 16, has started a horse breeding operation and raises and trains high quality half draft horses. Each spring he heads out east to scout potential broodmares to add to his personal herd. This spring, Colter is eagerly anticipating the arrival of three foals! Beyond his equestrian pursuits, Colter's artistic talents are equally impressive. From pottery and painting to leather and saddle making, his creative spirit knows no bounds. His multifaceted skills enrich not only his own life but also the experiences of those around him.

Colter's knowledge of the Skyline herd and each horses abilities, limitations, personality, etc. is a huge asset to our family business!


Trinity Craig-Imhoff


Trinity is sweet, caring, and hardworking! Originally hired as a trail ride guide, she consistently demonstrates a willingness to lend a hand wherever needed, whether it's assisting in the kitchen, tidying rooms, or keeping Callahan entertained. Her proactive approach to identifying and addressing tasks makes her an invaluable asset to our family business, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional guest experiences.

Trinity spends her winters in Arizona far from the cold and snow, and joins us in Montana from May to November. 

Trinity has a deep passion and love for animals. She takes such great care of the horses and is always playing fetch with the dogs. We also love her determination to keep the barn clean and organized!


Leonna Hinnant


Leonna is finishing up her studies at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, majoring in Rangeland Ecology with a minor in Animal Sciences. She is on the universities Polo team, loves art, swing dancing, and has a happy personality!

She is returning for her second season at Skyline as a horseback riding guide. Her favorite days at the ranch include full day rides into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.


Bella McOmber


Bella's cheerful personality is a definite asset to the ranch! You'll see her happily helping saddle horses in the barn in the morning or baking homemade cookies in the lodge in the afternoons. Her willingness to learn and eagerness to help is greatly valued! In the winter, she attends college in Hawaii and works as a hairstylist.


Harper Slusher


Harper is joining us after working as a mule packer and trail guide in the Grand Canyon. Though the Beartooth Mountains of Montana will be a change of scenery, we are excited to have her join our crew.  Harper loves photography, playing guitar, and riding horses. 


Victor & Liz Jackson

Former Owners and Mentors

After owning and operating Skyline for 43 years, Victor & Liz have officially retired. They spend their time raising and training horses and being amazing grandparents. We are so very appreciative of all they did to grow and establish the Skyline legacy!

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