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18 Years in the Making: Celebrating Lukus's High School Graduation

As Lukus prepares to don his cap and gown, we invite you to join us in commemorating all the adventure, growth, and memories he has made on the ranch over the past eighteen years. We are so proud of Lukus! He is the sweetest cowboy!

Outlaw Lukus (2008)

Half Moon & Lukus at the Ranch (2023)

Lukus fishing with the family at the Mystery Lakes (2008)

The picture on the left is of Lukus as a 3-year-old fishing with his dad versus him as an 18-year-old catching a fish in nearly the exact same spot!

Lukus (7 years old) is helping take a drop camp up to Bald Knob Lake, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. In the last picture he is leading the pack string past Fizzle Lake.

Same Boy, Same Barn

Lukus with the catch of the day fly-fishing the Yellowstone River (2021)

At just 6 years old, Lukus is valiantly helping shoe the horses in preparation for the summer season.

Lukus riding Chance into Hell Roaring Creek for a family fishing trip (2012).

Lake Fishing at Rock Island Lake (2009)

Lukus riding his mule Dolly into Slough Creek (2021)

Enjoying lunch on the banks of Pebble Creek (2022)

Fancy Clancy & Lukus in Pebble Creek (2022)

Catch of the day in Slough Creek (2020)

Kaleb & Lukus on a fishing trip into the Yellowstone Canyon (2021)

Lukus & Kameesha at Broadwater River (2007)

Mountain Man Lukus (2012)

Cooke City Fourth of July Parade (2011)

Colter & Lukus after a hard day of play at the ranch (2011)

Summer 2022

Summer 2023

Lukus will be attending Utah Tech University this fall where he will be majoring in Elementary Education.

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