Full Service Camps

The smell of wood smoke, the crackle of the fire, the adventure of accessing the pristine backcountry of the Rocky Mountains by's all part of the camping experience. Our gentle horses and strong pack mules can take you camping in Yellowstone Park or the Beartooth Wilderness area. You just relax and enjoy.


Camping allows ample opportunity for fishing, sightseeing, wildlife watching or just sitting back and devouring a good book. We supply the tents, gear, guides, and delicious dutch-oven cooking, we even do the dishes!

Please call for more information or to book a backcountry adventure. 

  • Join our camp into Miller Creek Camp July 31-August 2nd

    1,350 US dollars
  • 3 day camping trip into Pebble Creek via the Stairway to Heaven

    1,350 US dollars
  • 4 day fly-fishing camping trip into the third meadow of Slough Creek

    1,800 US dollars
  • 7 day adventure into the heart of Yellowstone

    3,200 US dollars
  • Venture out on a 6 day trek to the Hoodoo Basin in Yellowstone

    2,800 US dollars
  • Scheduled drop offs and pick ups from a campsite of your choice

    Pricing Varies